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The WARP Directory lists all WARPs which are currently in operation. If you find an appropriate WARP to join then contact the WARP operator using the contact details supplied or alternatively via their website.


What do I do if I cannot find a suitable WARP to join?

If you cannot find a suitable WARP to join from the directory then consider becoming a CiSP member to:

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WARP Listings

Digital Security and Governance WARP

A Digital Security and Governance WARP (NUWARP) provided by the School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences at Northumbria University for SMEs.

East Midlands WARP

The East Midlands Government WARP for local authorities in the East Midlands Region of England.

East of England WARP

A regional Local Authority WARP for the East of England and surrounding authorities provided by SOCITM East of England.

Information Security for London WARP

Information Security for London (ISfL), run by Capital Ambition, is the 1st WARP for London Boroughs and associated public sector organisations.


MOD Alerting, Warning and Reporting (AWR) structure consists of the Joint Security Co-Ordination Centre (JSyCC) the overall controlling WARP with a total of 15 Sub WARPs, as well as being the central WARP for List X and Defence Industry partners, which report on all Information Assurance/Computer Network Defence matters within their respective areas of responsibility.


A WARP for the NHS Community, initially in the Midlands Region.

North East Region WARP

North East Government WARP operated by the Region for the Region under the auspices of the North Eastern ICT Partnership (NEICT).

North West Kent WARP for Local Businesses

Local WARP designed for SMB businesses within the geographical North West Kent area.

North West Region WARP

The North West regional Local Authority WARP, run by the NLAWARP.

Police WARP

The Police WARP provided by the National Police Information Risk Team, for all UK police forces and agencies.