Register your WARP

WARP operators must establish a clear business case for setting up a WARP, as described in the previous section.

They also have a responsibility to conduct their business in a responsible manner consistent with a set of values which engenders trust. This trust is important not just within the WARP's own community, but also within the broader WARP community.

To facilitate trust between and within WARPs, CPNI has introduced a WARP registration process where authorised WARPs will have a number of benefits. These include the use of the WARP brand, CPNI endorsement by being included on the published list of registered WARPs, and access to the Filtered Warnings Application (FWA) software.

The WARP registration process, reflected in the WARP registration application form, contains 3 steps:

  • Step 1 - The prospective WARP Provider (applicant) should agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of the WARP website.
  • Step 2 - The applicant should agree to abide by the 'WARP Code of Practice'.
  • Step 3 - If the applicant agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions, abide by the WARP Code of Practice, and feels they have the right credentials to become a WARP provider, they should complete the following registration application form. The application should be sent to contact us.

WARP registration application form (pdf)

WARP registration application form (MS Word)

Applicants can view a completed application form , based on a real application but anonymised, in the following example.

Example of completed registration form

CPNI will evaluate the application and inform the applicant of the outcome. If the applicant is unsure about any aspect of WARP registration, then they should seek clarification by contacting us.

NB: If a Provider wishes to change the nature of the WARP community after their registration has been approved, then prior to implementing any changes they must send details to CPNI, using the following form. When approved, this will also enable CPNI to update the WARP Register.

WARP registration amendment form (pdf)

WARP registration amendment form (MS Word)

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